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French Language Instruction

September 1, 2023

Be Bilingual – École Luxton School

Be Bilingual - École Sir William Osler

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French Programs

Basic French (9 Year)
The Basic French program develops French communication skills through student participation in theme based projects and activities. The themes, which are based on real life situations, integrate the study of French language and culture and emphasize strategies for learning and communicating. The program starts at the Grade 4 level.

Basic French (Exposure)
Some division schools offer an introductory French program for children in kindergarten to Grade 3. Students are introduced to French language and culture as they learn nursery rhymes, songs and games in French.

French Immersion
The French Immersion program provides instruction in most subject areas in French and is designed for children whose first language is not French. The program offers students a chance to become functionally bilingual. Students graduating from this program will have employment opportunities in either English or French or they may pursue post-secondary education in either language.

The French Immersion program starts in kindergarten or Grade 1 and Grade 7 (depending on enrolment).

In a dual track setting French immersion is one of the programs in the school. School activities are conducted in English and French. Up to 75 per cent of the elementary program is offered in French. A minimum of 60 per cent of the Grade 7 and 8 programs are in French and a minimum of 50 per cent of Senior 1 to 4 credits are in French.

In a milieu setting, the French immersion program is the only program in the school and 75 per cent of it is in French. The school strives for a total French environment, which means school-wide activities and announcements are conducted in French.

French Language Instruction

The French Immersion Program in Manitoba - A Renewed Vision

Being immersed in a language throughout the school day is a great way for students to become truly bilingual.

f31b7da0-7e56-4315-a690-7ad6c857266c_BeBilingualPromoB.png WSD Milieu Schools

Winnipeg School Division schools that communicate in all French — between teachers and students, during recess, with the school clerk and over the PA system (with the exception of English Language Arts) — are called Milieu Schools. Students start in Nursery, or Kindergarten, or Grade 1. All staff speak French and the administration is fully bilingual. The school offers a French climate, and announcements, assemblies, etc. are offered in French.

Early French Immersion begins in Nursery at:

  • École Lansdowne (Nursery to Grade 8) - Phone: 204-338-7039
  • École LaVérendrye (Nursery to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-452-5015
  • École Sacré-Coeur (Nursery to Grade 8)- Phone: 204-775-2574
  • École Sir William Osler (Nursery to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-488-3569

French Immersion continues at:

  • College Churchill (Grade 7 to 12) - Phone: 204-474-1301

Late entry French Immersion begins in Grade 7 with students receiving a minimum of 60% instruction in French at:

  • École River Heights (Grade 7 to 8) - Phone: 204-488-7090

WSD Dual Track Schools

74bfaaac-536d-4458-878e-8972e765db7f_BeBilingualPromoC.pngAnother French Language Instruction option in Winnipeg School Division is the immersion dual track school. In dual track schools both the French Immersion Program and the English Program are housed. Students in the French Immersion Program at a dual track school will hear school announcements, recess conversation and discussions with school administrators in both English and French. 

WSD Dual Track Schools:

  • École Garden Grove School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-633-6477
  • École George V School (Kindergarten to Grade 8) - Phone: 204-669-4482
  • École J.B. Mitchell School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-488-4517
  • École Secondaire Kelvin High School (Grade 9 to 12) - Phone: 204-474-1492
  • École Laura Secord School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-786-4796
  • École Luxton School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-589-4368
  • École River Heights School (Grade 7 and 8) - Phone: 204-488-7090
  • École Riverview School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-284-5983
  • École Robert H. Smith School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-488-1137
  • École Secondaire Sisler High School (Grade 9 to12) - Phone: 204-589-8321
  • École Stanley Knowles School (Kindergarten to Grade 8) - Phone: 204-694-0483
  • École Victoria-Albert School (Kindergarten to Grade 6) - Phone: 204-633-0065
  • Ecole Waterford Springs School (Kindergarten to Grade 8) - Phone: 204-694-9690

WSD French Immersion High Schools:

  • Collège Churchill High School
  • École Secondaire Kelvin High School
  • École Secondaire Sisler High School

Please note that French Immersion starts in Kindergarten and Grade 1 in Dual Track settings. Nursery is in English. Students enrolling in WSD Dual Track or Milieu Schools must enroll according to their catchment area. To find out what Dual Track or Milieu School is in your catchment area, visit schools/find a school.

French Immersion frequently asked questions

1.  We do not speak French at home. How will we be able to help our child with homework?
French Immersion is designed for families who do not speak French at home. Parents will not need to speak French to assist their child. Teachers understand this and strive to ensure students fully understand their homework. Homework is given to reinforce and practice developing skills. 

2.  Are the report cards in French?
Report cards and all communication with families is in English. Interpreters may be requested to assist families who may require support communicating in English. 

3.  What if my child needs extra help?
French Immersion schools have resource teachers and other support staff who speak French who are able to support students, as needed.


French (English Program)

Early Start French – offered in a number of elementary schools depending on the availability of qualified staff and expressed parent interest. The program begins in either Kindergarten or Grade 1 and leads in to the French: Communication and Culture at the Grade 4 level. The goal of the program is to have students gain an appreciation of learning French, gain basic vocabulary and master simple phrases. This course is currently offered at the following schools: Brock Corydon, Carpathia, Earl Grey, George V, Grosvenor, J.B. Mitchell, Montrose, Riverview, Robert H. Smith, Sargent Park and Wolseley.

French Communication and Culture – is an option program that begins at Grade 4 or at the secondary level.


By the Official Languages Act in 1969, Canada recognized English and French as having equal status in the government of Canada. The federal government provides services and operates in both languages. French is the sole official language in Quebec at the provincial level and is co-official with English in New Brunswick. The provincial governments of Ontario, New Brunswick, and Manitoba are required to provide services in French where justified by the number of francophones (those whose mother tongue is French or who use French on a daily basis).

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