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Physical Education

October 15, 2021

The Physical Education program in the Winnipeg School Division is based on Manitoba Curricula developed and approved by Manitoba Education and Training.

The aim of Physical Education is to provide all students with planned and balanced programming to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for physically active and healthy lifestyles.

Interscholastic Athletics Programs

General Goals of Interschool Athletics:

Winnipeg School Division believes that an organized interscholastic athletics program should be  provided in order to:

  • Reinforce the skills and concepts learned in the physical education program;
  • Enhance the development of the physical, social and emotional development of the students;
  • Enhance the development of school spirit;
  • Support the development of values such as teamwork, self-discipline, respect for others and fair play.

Specific Learning Outcomes of Interschool Athletics:

Through participation in the athletics program, the students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills and concepts learned in the physical education program;
  • Demonstrate the values of teamwork, fair play, respect for others and self-discipline;
  • Improve their self-concept;
  • Compete against top athletes from across the division to improve their skills;
  • Contribute to the overall school climate/spirit

Fundamental Movement Skills Assessment

The purpose of the Fundamental Movement Skills Assessment is to help teachers gather data on the developmental level of a student's fundamental movement skills and use that information to plan for instruction. Through purposeful repetition and application students will develop competence and confidence in their movement. Students with mature movement skills are able to participate in a variety of physical activities in multiple environments and are empowered to lead active healthy lifestyles.

Assessment Guides

Fundamental Movement Skills Guide - EnglishFundamental Movement Skills Guide - French

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Movement Skills Videos and posters:

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