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Student Health Development

February 8, 2021

Family Life
Family life education programs are offered in schools in the Winnipeg School Division. Parents have the opportunity to examine the materials to be used in the program and to withdraw their child from the program.

The nutrition program has been in place in the Winnipeg School Division since 1975 with the cooperation and financial assistance of the provincial government. The program was instituted in response to a need identified by schools that many inner city students were coming to school without adequate nourishment, which was believed to be associated with a decreased potential to learn, high absenteeism, frequent illnesses, reduced attention span and classroom behaviour problems. There are currently 32 elementary schools and eight secondary schools participating in the nutrition program.

Personal Safety
WSD provides personal safety instruction in Nursery to Grade 8 (Teatree Tells is used in Nursery) and Kids in the Know program (Kindergarten to Grade 8).

School to Work Transition
School to work transition is work undertaken in the community by a student while attending high school. It is an exploratory experience designed to provide students with a knowledge of various jobs and their demands. The program enables the school to keep informed of developments in the business and industrial community and encourages the student to remain in school. The goal of the School to Work Transition initiative is to prepare students to transition from secondary school to work or further studies.

The program ensures that students develop the foundation skills, attitudes, behaviours and knowledge that are essential for life, learning and work. Initiatives include: career days, classroom instruction, portfolio development, apprenticeships, job shadowing, work experience, career counselling and a career symposium.

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