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Adolescent Parenting

February 8, 2021

Adolescent Parent Centre

The Adolescent Parent Centre, located at 136 Cecil Street, is a program of the Winnipeg Adult Education Centre. This school provides academic courses for parenting and pregnant women through junior and senior high years.

Individualized instruction and continuous intake allow students to continue their schooling while they are pregnant. Students can remain at the centre until their child reaches two years of age or they reach 21. Senior high students obtain graduate standing or credits towards graduation following Manitoba Education curricula.

In addition, parenting and nutrition courses complement a supportive environment for both mother and child. Social work through Child Guidance Clinic and liaison with Child and Family Services assist students on a daily basis, while counselling through the City of Winnipeg assist students on matters of social assistance and budgeting, on occasion, throughout the year. An outreach clinic from Women’s Hospital operates weekly for obstetric care.

Infant labs, which are maintained collaboratively between professional staff and students, provide a supervised and educative environment for mother and child.

Any teenager who is pregnant or who already has a child may register. For further information contact 204-775-5440 or 204-947-1674.

Infant Development

The Winnipeg School Division through several innovative, imaginative projects demonstrated that it is possible for the adolescent and the infant to attend school together, allowing the parent to gain high school credits and to learn to parent the child.

The Infant Development Program allows adolescent parents to bring their infants (ages of 2 months to 2 years) to school. It is expected that the adolescent parent will provide most of the one-to-one care with her child while the infant is in attendance. The adolescent parent must always be “on site” and easily accessible to be involved in the care of her infant at school.

Adolescent parents must maintain at least 60% to 65% attendance at school in order to continue to utilize the child care facilities, receive course credit and be enrolled as a full-time student.
The long range program objective is to provide adolescent parents with an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to enable them to become productive, contributing members of the work force and society.

Infant Development Labs are at the following locations in WSD: Adolescent Parent Centre, Children of the Earth, Elmwood, Gordon Bell and Tec Voc.​

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