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Adult Education

March 19, 2021


The Winnipeg Adult Education Centre provides an opportunity for adults to continue their high school education in an adult atmosphere.

The Centre offers a large variety of courses and options in all subject areas for students to complete their Grade 12. For those students not ready to enter at the Grade 12 level we offer preparatory courses at the Grade 9-11 levels to meet their needs.

English Language Development classes, leading to Grade 12 credit (English 40E), are provided at all levels. Entry-level students need to at least have completed EAL courses and require an assessment to determine placement. Successful completion of English 40E is suitable preparation for a student to take English 40S Comprehensive.

Numerous opportunities exist for computer experience in Business Education, English, Science and Mathematics subjects.

Students may take full, part-time, and/or combined programs depending on their individual needs and circumstances. Classes are offered between 8:45 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. from Monday through Friday. The school has vending machines in the student lounge.

Applicants who are 19 years of age or older and have been out of school for at least 6 months are eligible for admission.

Isbister School 
310 Vaughan St. 
Phone: 204-947-1674
Fax: 204-956-5049 

The main campus and school administration office.

Adult Learning Centres
Community based programs for students to complete their Grade 12 or to upgrade.

River Osborne Off Campus Program
101 Pembina Hwy.
Phone: 204-477-0164

Fax: 204-477-0174

Kaakiyow li moond likol
510 King St.

Phone: 204-582-9579

Taking Charge Inc.
Phone: 204-925-1105

Fax: 204-925-1105

500-717 Portage Ave.
Phone: 204-786-7051

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