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Interdivisional Student Services

October 17, 2022

Winnipeg School Division, on behalf of the Province of Manitoba, provides education support programs for students from across the province who are clients or patients of various Winnipeg-area facilities. The provincial government provides funding to cover the total cost of salaries, supplies, administration, professional development and any substitute teachers that may be required.

Acting Director

  1. Educational Services for Medical In-patients at Health Sciences Centre — a classroom setting at Children's Hospital and tutoring on the wards provide an educational program for hospitalized students in Grades 1 to 12. In-patients at Children's Hospital or elsewhere in the Health Sciences Centre complex who expect to be hospitalized for at least one week are eligible for the school program.
  2. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry — PsychHealth Centre, Health Sciences Centre.
    a) In-patients — Classrooms on the ward serve in-patients who anticipate a lengthy hospitalization. Usual admission as an in-patient is through emergency. Currently two half-day classrooms are operated with a maximum of seven students per class. This program operates collaboratively with the home school of each of the patients.
    b) Eating Disorders Program — Adolescent patients diagnosed with an eating disorder attend both an educational and treatment setting at the PsycHealth Centre. A classroom serves 8-12 patients for educational programming 3-5 hours a day with the remainder of their day in a treatment setting. The classroom teacher works collaboratively with each of the patient's home schools. All referrals to this program are through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
    c) Autism Program — School Age Assessment and Consultation - An assessment of students with autism is done by observation at the home school as well as in the more clinical setting at 228 Maryland (Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre). Recommendations for programming are provided to the home school. Referral for services is through Centralized Intake 204-958-9660.
  3. Villa Rosa — Pregnant students who are residents at Villa Rosa, young mothers who reside in the post-natal house next door, and day students who are in transition back to their communities are eligible for the school program. Referral for agency involvement is through Winnipeg Child and Family Services.
  4. Montcalm School Program — Individualized education programming for adolescents with severe psychiatric and emotional diagnoses while they are in treatment at the Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre, 120 Tecumseh St. Phone: 204-477-6391; Fax: 204-783-8948. Referral for services is through Centralized Intake at 204-958-9660.
  5. Youth Justice Educational Intake Team — Adolescent students who are residents of the Manitoba or Agassiz Youth Centres. The team will assess the students' learning needs and identify appropriate educational interventions to assist the youth to improve their overall learning skills and school performance, both at the centres and in their home school.
  6. Women's Shelter Educational Services — Educational programming, by a classroom teacher, is provided to all elementary school age students who are residing at the women's shelter. The educational program is delivered on site, incorporating a "One Room School House" model.

Programs Funded by Winnipeg School Division:
Tutoring Services
— WSD provides tutoring services for students who are homebound. Referrals are made by the home school and forwarded to the Interdivisional Student Services office located at Prince Charles Educational Resource Centre.

Although tutoring services are not intended to be used as an alternative program to a school placement, at times the services are provided for students with behavioural/emotional difficulties. These students are tutored on a temporary basis. Referrals from the home school are sent to the appropriate Superintendent of Schools, for approval.

Tutoring Services are fully funded by Winnipeg School Division and serves only students within WSD boundaries.

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