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Ward 4

February 8, 2021

Ward 4 includes the following schools:

- Gordon Bell (7-12)
- Laura Secord (N-6)
- Mulvey (N-6)
- Wolseley (N-6)

Click on the image for a larger pdf version of the map:

Boundary Description:

From Assiniboine River, north along extension of St. James St to Portage Ave, east along Portage Ave to Spence St, south along Spence St to St. Mary Ave, east along St. Mary Ave to Memorial Blvd, north along Memorial Blvd to Portage Ave, east along Portage Ave to Fort St, south along Fort St to Graham Ave, east along Graham Ave to Main St, north along Main St to William Stephenson Way, east along William Stephenson Way to CNR Rivers, north along CNR Rivers to Red River, south along Red River to Assiniboine River, west along Assiniboine River to extension of St. James St.


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