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Ward 7

February 8, 2021

Ward 7 includes the following schools:

- Elmwood (7-12)
- George V (N-8)
- Glenelm (N-6)
- Kent Road (N-6)
- Lord Selkirk (N-6)
- Luxton (N-6)
- Norquay (N-6)
- River Elm (N-6)

Click on the image for a larger pdf version of the map:

Boundary Description:

From CPR Carberry, north along Main St to North Division boundary (north side of McAdam Ave), east along North Division boundary to Red River, south along Red River to Elmwood Park, east along North boundary of Elmwood Park to Henderson Hwy, south along Henderson Hwy to Harbison Ave W, east along Harbison Ave W (both sides) and Harbison Ave E (both sides) (Division boundary), continue east along extension of north side of Harbison Ave E to Panet Rd, south along Panet Rd to Division boundary (south of Thomas Ave extension), west along Division boundary (south of Thomas Ave) to Archibald St, north along Archibald St to CPR Carberry, west along CPR Carberry to Main St.


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