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Ward 9

August 24, 2022

Ward 9 includes the following schools:

- Andrew Mynarski (7-9)
- Garden Grove (N-6)
- Lord Nelson (N-6)
- Meadows West (N-8)
- Prairie Rose (N-6)
- Shaughnessy Park (N-8)
- Sisler (9-12)
- Stanley Knowles (N-8)
- Tyndall Park (N-6)
- Waterford Springs (N-8)

Click on the image for a larger pdf version of the map:

Boundary Description:

From CPR Carberry, north along Keewatin St to Selkirk Ave, west along Selkirk Ave, continue west along extension of Selkirk Ave to CPR Carberry, north west along CPR Carberry to Brookside Blvd (West Division boundary), continue north along Brookside Blvd to Mollard Rd, east along Mollard Rd to Ritchie St, south along Ritchie St (Division boundary) to Templeton Ave, south west along Division boundary to CPR Arborg, south along CPR Arborg to Division boundary, east along North Division boundary (extension of Carruthers Ave) to Wiginton St, south along Wiginton St, continue south along extension of Wiginton St to Atlantic Ave (crossing between properties 1019 and 1023 on Atlantic Ave), continue south along Radford St to Machray Ave, west along Machray Ave to Radford St, south along Radford St to Mountain Ave, east along Mountain Ave to Radford St, south along Radford St to College Ave, west along College Ave to Radford St, south along Radford St to Aberdeen Ave, east along Aberdeen Ave to Sgt Tommy Prince St, south along Sgt Tommy Prince St to Alfred Ave, east along Alfred Ave to Battery St, south along Battery St to Pritchard Ave, west along Pritchard Ave (but not including properties on Pritchard Ave) to Sgt Tommy Prince St, continue west along Pritchard Ave to McPhillips St, south along McPhillips St to CPR Carbery, west along CPR Carberry to Keewatin St



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