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How to use Google Translate

February 8, 2021

Google Translate is a free automatic translator. It works without the intervention of human translators, using state-of-the-art technology instead. Google Translate currently supports translation between 64 languages.

How can I use the Google Translate service on this website?

To translate an entire web page with the Google Translate service, simply follow these steps. 

  1. Select the page translation icon featured at the top of the page.
    Google Translate
  2. A dropdown listing all of the supported languages will appear. Select the desired language from this list.
    Select Language
  3. The Google Translate pane will appear at the top of the page and begin the translation process. This usually only takes a couple seconds.
  4. The page will automatically refresh with the selected language in place.
    Google Translate - Show original
    You may always revert back to the original language by selecting the "Show original" option found within the Google Translate pane at the top of the browser window.


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