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May 26, 2022

Bursaries are cash awards that are intended to help students pay for their post-secondary education. The main selection criterion is financial need and therefore applicants will likely require a financial disclosure, however many bursaries will take other factors into account such as extracurricular activities, academics, leadership ability, etc., and some may even require students to meet specific demographic or geographic requirements. Unlike scholarships, bursaries may not require high academic marks, but there is often a minimum average that a student will have to achieve in order to be eligible. Most bursaries are non-repayable unless otherwise stated, but always be sure to read the fine print.

Most bursaries can be found through a post-secondary institutions Financial Aid page on their website. For a quick jump, follow the links below to some of the most popular institutions in Manitoba.

Remember to visit your university/college financial aid office at the start of your first year for more information!

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