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Code of Conduct

January 27, 2023

We have a very basic set of rules at Robertson School for students to use to manage their behavior. 
The rules are as follows:

  • Show Respect
  • Be a Learner
  • Be Safe
  • Listen to Adults

Entering the Building

Teachers will meet students outside in their designated line up areas. Teachers will screen students for COVID 19 symptoms. Students will enter the building quietly, sanitize, go to their rooms and follow the established classroom procedures. Teachers will be on hand to meet, greet and screen students promptly at entry and exit times.

Please use the following as guidelines on which to base your classroom agreements. Some general expectations for the students are that they will:

  • Speak in a polite tone of voice to adults and others.
  • Listen to adults and to classmates when they are speaking.
  • Tell the truth and accept responsibility.
  • Treat guest teachers and school visitors with respect.
  • Act as ambassadors for the school when on patrols, field trips and other activities out of the building.
  • Not to be disrespectful to the adults when corrected about behavior.
  • Listen quietly during assemblies and provide personal space to others.
  • Complete their assigned work.
  • Be accepting of other students on the playground.
  • Violence and bullying will not be tolerated.

In order to do this, we must all give students the same message.  At Robertson School, good behavior is an expectation. Poor behaviour is not a choice. We should focus on having students practice the good behaviours and not focus on the consequences if they don’t. If a student runs in the hall we should send them back to walk. If they say something in a rude way, we should teach them the correct words to use and have them practice using the correct words.

Our overall objective is to develop appropriate behaviour for school. The reason for this behaviour is so that everyone can learn and everyone can be safe and happy. The way that we will make this work is to insist that students act properly and also through supervision. We need to tell students very clearly how we want them to behave and make sure that they do, particularly at the beginning of the school year.  We have created our school’s own Robertson Code of Conduct which goes out to parents each year.

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