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December 29, 2022

Watch for online sources coming soon!

To foster the love of reading, to support the school's curriculum, to provide access to current, adequate, and appropriate information resources, and to work co-operatively with all users of the library to ensure that students, teachers, and staff alike are effective  and discriminating users of ideas and information.  
Our library is a very busy place. Sometimes we have three or four groups of students working on various tasks at the same time. We have very good rules about entering the library and personal conduct in the library.


  • Classes are to wait outside the library door until their teacher is ready to escort them into the library
  • For students using the computers, they are to go to their assigned computer and sign in on the sheet provided
  • Teachers are in continual visual supervision of their students which means walking around the computer area, or being at the tables or in the story corner with their class
  • All users in the library space must talk in normal voices, in that way, all students can work co-operatively and respectfully
  • All classes have a regular class time for the students' book exchange.  A student can always exchange their books before or after school
  • Individual students who request the use of a computer or use of reference books, must come with a permission slip from their class teacher. The Library staff will the decide if the library schedule can accommodate this request 

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