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Sustainable Development

December 30, 2022

Recycling Poster new.jpgDisposable gloves, face masks, and wipes are not recyclable.

Please dispose of them with your regular garbage.

Sustainable Development involves three major categories. The first is caring for our planet.  The second is caring for communities both locally and globally. The third is caring for economic issues around the world such as poverty reduction and waste management.  Sargent Park School has worked hard to create a school that cares for all three areas.  

Students and staff are active in our recycling program. Every spring we are part of Take Pride Winnipeg’s Community cleanup. We celebrate Earth Day each year by having activities all week long that educate students and staff about topics such as water conservation, energy conservation, proper recycling of e-waste, and much more. Our students are also involved in raising money for our foster child, for schools in Africa, as well as local charities such as Siloam Mission and Winnipeg Harvest. Students have taken such an active role, that our school created our own mini “We-Day” to celebrate all of the difference makers in our building.


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