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Family Resources

June 1, 2023

Getting involved in schools

Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in the education of their children through individual discussions with the appropriate teacher(s) and/or principal, volunteering, and/or through participation in the parent council.

A division-wide Parent Education Committee, composed of administrative reps from each district, consultants, teachers, volunteer coordinators, and parents, meets several times a year to develop a plan to promote parent involvement in schools. The objectives of the committee are: to help parents develop skills; to help parents become more involved in the education of their children; and to help parents and schools develop positive long term relationships. 

The work of the committee is based on Dr. Joyce Epstein's six keys to successful partnerships among school, family, and community. They are:

  • Parenting
  • Communicating
  • Volunteering
  • Learning at home
  • Decision-making
  • Community collaboration
The committee coordinates workshops for parents around topics relevant to parenting. These are published regularly in school newsletters.

Funds are provided to schools toward fostering school-based parent involvement programs. Applications are available through the school.

Parenting Resources folders are distributed to all schools and parent councils every September. The folders contain a listing of workshops, audio/visual and print resources available through Library Support Services, and several parent information brochures, as well as pathfinders and bibliographies available for parents. 

Manitoba Association of Parent Councils

Do You Speak Another Language At Home?

An information pamphlet in the following languages:

General Information for Parents

Parent Involvement

 Additional resources available to parents free of charge by contacting the Volunteer Services at 204-474-1513
  • Get Involved in Your Child’s Education
  • What to Do When You Have a Problem at Your Child’s School
  • How to Keep Your Child Out of Gangs: A Parent’s Guide
  • Family Life Education: A Parent’s Guide
  • Make a Difference: Partners in Education
  • Ear Infection and Children’s Hearing
  • Special Health Care in Schools: A Parent’s Guide
  • Community Liaison Officers
  • Child Guidance Clinic of Winnipeg
  • Moving is Risky Business for Kids
  • Code of Conduct for The Winnipeg School Division
  • Great Beginnings for Nursery & Kindergarten Students
  • Early Literacy Programs-Winnipeg School Division
  • Internet Chat Rooms and Instant Messaging
  • Do You Speak Another Language At Home?
  • Literacy in the Early Years
  • Math in the Early Years
  • Fine Motor in the Early Years
  • Listening and Talking Tools

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