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Career Education

March 19, 2021

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Winnipeg School Division is committed to inspiring students to achieve academic success, reach goals and enter the workforce. Preparing for the workforce is an important outcome of education and through WSD career development, students learn their own strengths and interests.

Through a variety of curriculum choices, programs and events, Winnipeg School Division students are able to explore possible future career options. WSD partners with organizations and businesses to monitor the labour market for Winnipeg youth and provide the tools, technology and skills they need to lead to meaningful careers.

In the early 1990's, WSD created the School-to-Work initiative to promote career education to all schools at all grade levels across the division. School-to-Work Transition Education helps students learn the competencies they need, lifelong, to be healthy, self-reliant and resilient citizens, able to find work they love in times of constant workforce change. The program includes four main areas: curriculum relevancy, skill development, career building and world of work awareness and readiness.

What is Career Education and Why is it Important?

The concept of a "career" has evolved in the last few years. The previous mentality is that a career is a job or place of work that a person strives for. While that definition still has some merit, when educating students, the term "career" has a much broader meaning.

A career can be defined as:

"A lifestyle concept that involves the sequence of work, learning and leisure activities in which one engages throughout their lifetime. Careers are unique to each person and are dynamic, unfolding throughout life. Careers include how people balance their paid and unpaid work and personal life roles."

As educators, we aim to help students understand the concept of career by providing them with opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection and career exploration. By integrating this approach into all schools, students will see the relevancy in their education and how it related to their future. Rather than simply talking about work, we want students to be able to articulate their skills and interests and make realistic connections to their desired futures. 

Ultimately, they will be able to make more educate choices for their future and achieve a higher level of success.

Apprenticeship in WSD

Apprenticeship is a post-secondary option designed to get students ready to enter a trades related occupation. There are generally four levels of apprenticeship in each trade, followed by an exam to become a Journeyperson. Each level of apprenticeship involves a portion of in-class training followed by on-the-job mentorship working with a Journeyperson.

In order to give students a head start, the Winnipeg School Division has a variety of ways to start getting involved in apprenticeship.  These include:

  • High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP)
  • Technical Vocational Programs
  • Off Campus Programs

High School Apprenticeship Program

The High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) is a provincial program that allows students to gain grade 12 credits and apprenticeship hours while working for a trade related company (for example, a construction company, auto mechanic, etc.). This is done outside of school time, so students are able to take part in the program while working during holidays, evenings and weekends.

For a list of all the trades in Manitoba, please see Apprenticeship MB website at

The Career Education Support Teacher collaborates with guidance counsellors to hold two information sessions in all high schools throughout the year. Students in grades 10 to 12 are strongly encouraged to consult their counsellors and attend these sessions to gain a better understanding of the apprenticeship options available in Winnipeg School Division. All forms and resources for these are available in the Guidance Office at all high schools.

HSAP Brochure.pdf

Off-Campus Apprenticeship Program

Our Off-Campus Apprenticeship programs offer students the opportunity to acquire the training and experience necessary to start a career in the skilled trades and are available to any student attending a Winnipeg School Division High School. 

WSD currently has two off-site Apprenticeship Programs in partnerships:

  • Plumbing and Pipe Trades in partnership with the Piping Institute Technical College
  • Electrical Technology in partnership with the IBEW 2085

Both of these program allow students to gain a Level 1 Accreditation in the trade as well as links directly to employment during summer holidays or after high school. Students also earn 8 high school credits to replace their other elective course credits and ensure they graduate on time.

Technical Vocational Programs

WSD has work placement programs at Tec Voc High School, which has 100 plus community employers and R. B. Russell Vocational High School with 50 community employers.  Students who are enrolled in a certified vocational program receive post-secondary quality education, often earning their Level 1 Accreditation and are ready to enter the workforce immediately upon completion.

Vocational programs include:

Applied Commerce Education and Technology Programming

Technology is a part of every workplace in differing ways, it changes how we do our jobs. WSD offers programs to students to learn about different types of technology to keep up with today's growing demand. Some programs are specifically focused to prepare students to work in a technology field if they choose. All high school in WSD have Applied Commerce Education and Technology programming represented in a variety of ways to suit the needs of students.

Applied Commerce Education and Technology programs include:

  • Networking and Cyber Security – Sisler
  • Interactive Digital Media – Sisler
  • Information and Communication Technology – Tec Voc
  • Computer Science – Division-wide
  • Business and Entrepreneurship – Division-wide

Medical Programs

WSD offers programming to students who are interested in a career in the medical field.  These programs are done in partnership with Pan Am Clinic, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Health Sciences Centre and the University of Manitoba Access Program.  Programs include:

Take our Kids to Work Day

This is a national initiative that invites students in Grade 9 to spend a day at work with a parent, relative or volunteer host to help them learn about today's workplace and explore possible future career options open to them.

Entrepreneurial Adventure

The Learning Partnership's Entrepreneurial Adventure is all about sparking students' natural curiosity, intelligence and passion to seize an opportunity to take their ideas to market – and discover just what they can do!

The Entrepreneurial Adventure Program is a hands-on entrepreneurial journey for students in Grades K-12. It is designed to develop students' enterprising spirit, financial literacy, innovative thinking and social responsibility. To date, these student business ventures have raised more than $3 million for charities!

Entrepreneurial Adventure helps develop Canada's next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching essential 21st century skills, such as marketing, business planning, team building and the importance of social responsibility. Together with teachers and volunteer business mentors, students from kindergarten to Grade 12 develop innovative business ventures that raise money for local, national and international charities.


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