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Career Education

October 30, 2023

Winnipeg School Division is committed to inspiring students to achieve academic success, reach goals and enter the workforce. Preparing for the workforce is an important outcome of education and through WSD Career Education, where students build their own strengths and interests. 

Through a variety of curriculum choices, programs and events, Winnipeg School Division students are able to explore possible future career pathways. Winnipeg School Division partners with organizations and businesses to monitor the labour market for Winnipeg youth and provide the tools, technology and skills they need to lead to meaningful careers. 

Winnipeg School Division promotes career education to all schools at all grade levels through the School-to-Work Initiative. Career Education helps students learn the life long competencies they need to be healthy, self-reliant and resilient citizens, while being able to find work they love in times of constant workforce change. 

The program includes four main areas: curriculum relevancy, skill development, career building and world-of-work awareness readiness.

What is Career Education and Why is it Important?

The concept of a career has evolved in the last few years. 

Now a career can be defined as:

"Career is a lifestyle concept that involves the sequence of occupations (paid and unpaid) in which one engages throughout a lifetime, including work, learning and leisure activities. A career can go through many changes, and we only get one. Everything we experience while we work takes place under the umbrella of our career. Careers are unique to each person and are dynamic, unfolding throughout our lives. Careers include how persons balance their paid and unpaid work and personal life roles. Seeing a career as a single entity allows us to interpret relationship with work at a personal level. Exploring the individual relationship with work — especially through values, talents and goals — gives one a better chance of making it a success." 

Winnipeg School Division staff help students understand the concept of a career by providing them with opportunities for personal growth, self-reflection and career exploration. Integrating this approach into all schools, students will see the relevancy in their education and how it relates to their future. Rather than simply talking about work, students are able to articulate their skills and make educated choices for their future and achieve a higher level of success.

Career Education Programming in the WSD

Career Education Programming provides students the opportunity to learn about the world of work in a variety of ways and make connections between school and work. Through these experiences, students reflect on themselves as learners and begin exploring possible pathways and making choices about their future. 

Career Readiness Programming in WSD

Winnipeg School Division offers many programs directly related to specific pathways to provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to enter the workforce immediately after graduation. For more specific information on how to access these programs, students are encouraged to speak with the career intern or guidance counsellor at their school. 

Scholarship Opportunities

Winnipeg School Division provides a list of external scholarships offered within Manitoba and throughout Canada. These opportunities are based on academic ability, personal experience, financial need, and specific scholarship criteria. 

Categorized list of available scholarships.

Parent Resources


MyBlueprint is a free lifetime subscription to a career and left-planning resource that is offered to all Winnipeg School Division students. Using this platform students can: 

  • Create and keep track of personal learning and career goals
  • Create digital portfolios to document their growth and prepare for the future
  • Create a resume and cover letter and search for current job openings
  • Learn how to budget and make their financial goals a reality 
  • Explore a wide variety of career and post-secondary opportunities to create their own individualized pathway

Student Account Set-Up:

  • Students must have their MET Number (found on Mayet)
  • Go to
  • Select their school from the drop-down list
  • Select Student Account
  • Start exploring!

Community Partnerships

Winnipeg School Division partners with many organizations to provide opportunities for students to engage in career related programming in their community. These partners include: 

Julie Smerchanski
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 204-775-0231
Fax: 204-772-6464
Email: jsmerchanski

Sylvia Martin
Senior Years Technology and Careers Education Coordinator
Phone: 204-786-1401
Mobile: 204-330-5970
Email: symartin

Shanker Singh
Program Support Teacher
Phone: 204-788-0203 ext. 344
Email: ssingh

Torin Proulx
Workplace Safety and Health Officer - Student Workplace Practicum
Phone: 204-786-1401 ext. 538
Email: tproulx

Jordyn O'Dunn-Orto
Career Intern Coordinator
Phone: 204-782-7131 ext. 158-566
Email: jodunnorto

James Tyson
Learning to Age 18 Support Teacher
Phone: 204-788-0203 ext. 358
Email: jtyson 

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