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August 29, 2023

The Secretary-Treasurer’s department provides leadership in managing the financial operations of Winnipeg School Division by developing and supporting financial policies and key financial and administrative functions.

Our mandate is to conduct the financial and business affairs of WSD in accordance with Provincial Legislation and responsible business and financial management practices. The department has administrative, operational, and policy making responsibilities in the following areas: Board of trustees, budget process management, accounting, accounts payable, internal audit, payroll, pension and employee benefits, purchasing, and transportation and permits.


Winnipeg School Division’s accounting staff is responsible for performing the following functions:

  • Manages and coordinates the preparation of the Annual June 30 Consolidated Financial Statements of Revenues, Expenses and Accumulated Surplus in compliance with the Public Schools Act.
  • Manages and coordinates the preparation of the Annual March 31 Summary Budgeting and Reporting information to be reported to the Province of Manitoba, resulting in the consolidation of school division financial information into Provincial Financial Statements.
  • Manages and coordinates the preparation of the Annual December 31 Financial Statements for the Pension Fund for Employees Other Than Teachers, Children’s Heritage Education Endowment Fund and The Margaret Crawford Fund.
  • Provides monthly financial information to the Investment Committee to assist in the management of Investments for WSD’s three Specific Purpose funds (Pension Fund, Children’s Heritage Education Endowment Fund and Margaret Crawford Fund).

WSD Financial Statements

Accounts Payable

Contact: Ana Gundayao - 204-775-0231

The Accounts Payable Section is responsible for processing for payment all supplier invoices for equipment, services and supplies payable by WSD (except for major Public Schools Finance Board funding projects). In addition, this section ensures that proper receipt documentation is received from schools and departments as part of the payment process and reviews all school reimbursement requests for local purchases.

Budget Section

The Budget Section is part of the CFO and Secretary-Treasurer’s Department and is responsible for overseeing division-wide budget planning, variance analysis, year-end projections, budget assessment and allocation, research and costing, and providing advice and assistance to other WSD staff regarding budgetary issues.  

The staff are responsible for: managing the development of the annual budget for the WSD; providing expert reporting and budgetary analysis; consulting with, and providing assistance to all levels of staff regarding budgetary issues.

Financial and Administrative Functions

Contact: Brenda Lapointe - 204-789-0469

The Secretary-Treasurer’s Department is responsible for the following functions:

  • Corporate Secretary function of Winnipeg School Division including the administrative management of the functions of the Board of Trustees, its committees and related matters:
  • Financial management of WSD
  • Financial and administrative management of the Pension Fund for Employees Other Than Teachers
  • Financial management of the function of the Investment Committee including investment responsibility for the Children’s Heritage Education Endowment Fund, Margaret Crawford Trust Fund, and the Reserve Fund for Buildings (Insurance); and
  • Administration of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act (FIPPA) and the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA).

Corporate secretarial services, within the Secretary Treasurer’s department, provides:

  • administrative management of the functions of the Board of Trustees, its committees, and related matters
  • responsibility for legal matters and liaison with WSD’s solicitors
  • contract administration
  • records management; and the general administration of the business affairs of WSD

Responsibilities related to the administrative management of the function of the Board of Trustees include the following:

  • Maintaining and preserving the official records of the Board including minutes, policies, by-laws and legal documents
  • Preparation of all correspondence, legal documents, and briefs arising from Board meetings
  • Recording the proceeding of all Board and Committee meetings, and preparation of minutes, summaries of discussion, and reports arising from these meetings;
  • Preparation, coordination and distribution of material for all Board and Committee meetings
  • Scheduling of all Board and Committee meetings and providing notice to the trustees
  • Receipt of, and preparation of listings of, official correspondence to the Board/WSD
  • Arranging for the appearance of delegations at Board meetings
  • Coordination of the FIPPA and PHIA

Internal Audit

Contact: Michael Crivici, Senior Internal Auditor – 204-789-0443

The Internal Audit Department reports both functionally and administratively to the Secretary-Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer of Winnipeg School Division. 

The purpose of the Internal Audit Department is to support the division’s mission objectives by providing independent and objective assurance services designed to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, accountability, control and governance processes.

We are responsible for performing, but not exclusively, the following functions:

  • Conducting audits of divisional departmental systems, processes and procedures to ensure that the assets of Winnipeg School Division are adequately protected,
  • Conducting school operational, procedural and accounting audits,
  • Conducting compliance audits;
  • Ad hoc audits; and 
  • Providing additional support to other departments.


The Permits Section is responsible for the approval and issuing of permits and billing of fees for the use of school buildings and grounds. 

Permit criteria; Application; Fees; Facilities; Availability.

Community Use of Schools


Contact Person: Shelley Harrower – 204-775-0231 

The Purchasing Section is responsible for purchasing equipment, services and supplies for all schools and departments within WSD in accordance with division policy and the Public Schools Act. Other functions which are performed by this section include:

  • Disposal of surplus equipment, print materials and supplies.
  • Maintaining the Division moveable equipment inventory.
  • Arrangements for the maintenance and repair of WSD equipment.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Enrolment Section

The Enrolment Section of the Secretary Treasurer’s Department is responsible for the verification and reporting of all students attending a WSD School and/or Program, each September 29, to the Department of Education. WSD is required to report student data in accordance with the Public School Enrolment and Categorical Grants Reporting instruction booklet.

Student Regisrations and Enrolment


204-789-0452 (8:00 am to 4:30 pm)

The Winnipeg School Division Transportation Section provides service which goes well beyond the requirements specified by the Public Schools Act. Winnipeg School Division will provide for transportation services where necessary and subject to division regulations, The Public Schools Act and Regulations thereto, and The Highway Traffic Act. The Transportation Supervisor (under the general direction of the Secretary Treasurer) is responsible for the implementation and operation of pupil transportation within Board Policy and these regulations.

The Transportation Section is responsible for daily transportation needs as well as field trips and extra curricular trips, work experience, shops and other transportation as required.

Winnipeg School Division currently have 101 buses in our inventory including 72 buses on regular duties with 29 spare buses. This is further broken down to include 78 conventional buses and 16 wheelchair buses.

Buses and Transportation

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