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SWO Playground News

October 15, 2022
outdoor classroom

The Playground Committee is hard at work to bring much needed enhancements to our playground! Many initial steps have been taken behind the scenes to make this happen. Now we need you!

We have various fundraisers during the year.  If you prefer to not participate in the different fundraisers, there is the option of just making a donation to the playground instead. We are making it easy to just make the donation by creating a button below that will take you to the Winnipeg Children’s Heritage Fund dedicated to our school playground. You even receive a tax receipt if the donation is over $10!

The total estimated cost of the playground is over $150,000.00! To date we have raised enough money through fundraising and grants to complete Phase 1. Phase 1 consists of an outdoor classroom, berms and some tree planting. Please consider making a donation to help make this dream for the students and community come true!


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