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October 15, 2022


Télévision française de l'Ontario (TFO) is a Canadian publicly funded French language educational television channel and media organization. It is one of the few French-language broadcasters in Canada that is headquartered outside of Quebec. The network airs cultural programming, including blocks of French-language children's programs, along with original series, documentaries, and films.


Boukili is a free application that provides a variety of illustrated books for children. It aims to stimulate children to read and helps them attain different levels of reading proficiency in French. With Boukili you can practice reading in French with your child while keeping track of his or her reading progress.


Groupe Média TFO presents IDÉLLO, a dynamic multilevel digital platform designed to cater and adapt to different types of learning. IDÉLLO brings teachers, early childhood educators, students and parents an array of resources and functions that satisfy the desire for new ways to learn. IDÉLLO offers thousands of rich, up-to-date educational resources in French, as well as functions and a workspace that encourage communication between communities of users with common interests.

IXL Math
On IXL, math is more than just numbers. With unlimited questions, engaging item types, and real-world scenarios, IXL helps students experience math at its most mesmerizing!

Content most appropriate for those in grades K-6. It includes animated talking picture books, chapter books, videos, non-fiction titles, playlists, books in languages other than English such as French and Spanish, graphic novels and math stories. 

This website provides free interactive materials and games that help kids practice reading and build their phonemic awareness. PreK-Gr 2

PBS Parents: Online Games
The Online Games section of the PBS website offers not only games but also printable activities such as coloring pages. These resources attract and engage young students because they feature popular PBS characters. K-Gr 3

ABCya focuses heavily on building math, reading, and writing skills, but it also covers some additional topics as well as holiday themes. All of the games and apps were approved by certified teachers.

Focused on improving math and reading skills, Funbrain features books and comics as well as arcades filled with interactive games. K-Gr 8

Light up your brain
The brainteaser games and audio stories featured on Light Up Your Brain help students hone their problem-solving, reading, color-matching, math, and fine motor skills. For example, your child can test his or her understanding of physics in "Successful Experiment" by using different-sized balls to move an object to a designated spot. K- Gr 8

Fact monster
This site combines reference materials, facts, and trivia quizzes for kids on all subjects. Parents, educators, and kids can get homework help and access almanacs, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and an atlas. K-Gr 8

Multiplication helps students review multiplication tables as well as addition and subtraction facts. It has interactive games, classroom games, and worksheets that can be downloaded. Gr 2-6

Maths Chase
Maths Chase is a very simple game where students have fun learning their multiplication facts.

Scholastic's The Stacks: Games
Scholastic's game page offers puzzles, games, and quizzes, but the first things you should check out are the writing games. These prompts are based on characters and themes from Scholastic books and encourage students to practice their creative writing skills.

Appropriate for ages 3 through 12. includes math games for preschoolers.

Make Me a Genius
A site that guarantees to make your child a genius has a lot of promises to live up to. The site is filled with videos that cover a variety of subjects, such as physics for kids, photosynthesis, the nervous system, solar system and electricity. All of the videos are kid-friendly and will keep even your youngest children interested from start to finish.

Kids Know It
Learn about animals, chemistry, spelling, geography, astronomy and plenty of other subjects on Watch free educational movies, listen to educational music and read fun facts about everything from bats to bones.

Learning Games for Kids
The name of the site says it all. Learning Games for Kids is all about games that teach kids almost every subject you can think of. Word, spelling, social studies, brain, science, art, vocabulary, literature and keyboarding games will get your kids started on a learning adventure.

National Geographic Kids
This is a great site for exploring our world and learning all you can about the Ocean, Animals, Geography and more! There is a TON of information on this site and also some great videos, Puzzles and quizzes!

Encyclopedia Britannica

French games free for learners: fun games for kids and adults learning second ... plus lessons and tests with 100+ different topics all with audio – free website.

Free to use and fun French language learning games. Kids and students' online games for learning French vocabulary, phrases, numbers, spelling and...

Radio-Canada, Canada's public broadcasting network, puts tonnes of its television shows online free of charge, including a separate section just for cartoons and other kids' shows.

French for life
Once you have made the decision that you want French for your Life, there is nothing that can stop you. Students in Manitoba are fortunate to have access to many cultural, educational and social activities, en français. Whether you are a French Immersion student, taking French classes or new to the language, this website endeavors to provide you with useful links and information that will help you along your path to becoming functionally bilingual in both of Canada's official languages.


Sam Amuse
A made-in-Manitoba website with online French language games modified to the needs of French Immersion and basic French students.


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