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Inclusive Education Resource Support & Guidance Counselling

October 15, 2022

Meet the Inclusive Education Resource Teacher (IERT)

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Inclusive Education Resource

The inclusive education resource program at École Sir William Osler follows a collaborative model where the classroom teachers identify students who may require learning intervention, and supports are put in place to address their individual academic, social or behavioural needs.

When students are experiencing difficulty in the classroom, our resource team works with the classroom teachers and parents to develop a plan that allows our students to be successful. Together, the IERT and the classroom teacher will discuss some of the methods and strategies that would benefit the student. Intervention in both French and English may be in the form of one-to-one, small group, direct instruction or indirect support within the classroom.

If parents feel that their child may require additional support, the first step would be to speak with the classroom teachers about their concerns.

Academic & Social-Emotional Resources for Families

Looking to learn more about supporting our kids at home and at school? Check out this list of resources, organized by topic. 

Top 5 Tips for Academic & Social-Emotional Success

Teaching Kids Self-Regulation Tips for Success

Anxiety Canada 

Helping your child overcome perfectionism

How to do calm breathing

How to address reassurance-seeking in your child

Free downloadable PDF resources from Anxiety Canada

Incroyable Moi - série des livres de l'anxiété

Big Feelings (Anger, Frustration, Sadness, Worry)

Video Read-Along Storybook: Big Feelings Come and Go

Dawn Huebner, PhD –What to do When... series

Independence for Learning

Learning Pit


Mindfulness for Kids and Their Adults - Mind Yeti


Kids in the Know- Info for caregivers


Self-Reg Information for Parents

Autorégulation : un guide du parent

Self-Reg Infographic for Parents

Resource Library - Self-Reg

Clinical Support Services

École Sir William Osler has access to the WSD Clinical Support Services team (C.S.S.). The C.S.S. are an educational support service agency that provides specialized help for school children in collaboration with school personnel teams. Our multidisciplinary team consists of the following specialists:


School Social Worker

Reading Clinician

Speech and Language Pathologist


The C. S. S. works directly with our school team in consultation with students and staff. At all times, parents are involved in the process.

If parents feel that their child may require additional support from C.S.S., the first step would be to speak with the classroom teachers about their concerns.

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