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Nursery and Kindergarten

April 1, 2021

La pré-maternelle et la maternelle / Nursery and Kindergarten program at École Sir William Osler

The Nursery/Kindergarten program at École Sir William Osler School is a half day (2.5 hour) program of French instruction.  Our program is intended for non-French speaking families, and while some of our students speak French at home, most of our students are new to the French language.  It is amazing how quickly the children absorb French just by watching the teacher's gestures and participating in the class routines every day.  The routine is consistent, so the students pick up familiar phrases quickly.  Before long, the rhythm of the language becomes natural to them and they begin to understand the words being spoken!

Children are exposed to daily routines (calendar concepts, counting in French) and French vocabulary. The children have fun singing French songs, playing group games, participating in movement activities, and reciting chants and poems, all in French!

When this group time is finished, the children explore a variety of centres in the classroom. Sand table,  iPads, blocks, play kitchen, puzzles, board games, and painting are just some examples. The children are encouraged to include others in their play, and to treat everyone respectfully. Positive social skills are practiced during this time, and teachers help facilitate this important learning while the children play.

During centre time, the children take turns working with the teacher in small groups; it may be an activity to practice forming or recognizing letters, a counting activity, a small group game, or a craft. Each day, the activity is different, and it usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete. Then the children go off to play again, and another group is called.

We stress fine motor development, and allow the children to practice their skills with a variety of activities designed to strengthen those muscles.  Whether it is using mini tongs to pick up small objects, cutting with scissors, building towers with unifix cubes, playing with play-dough, or drawing with two-sided tiny crayons, the children are practicing fine motor skills while playing. We integrate technology throughout our day with the use of the Smart Board, and iPads. Weather permitting, the children also experience outdoor play to develop gross motor skills and just enjoy nature exploration.

We understand that each child is unique and comes with different experiences and different needs.  At École Sir William Osler, we work hard to provide a nurturing environment so that every student feels comfortable and safe, and that all children learn to their potential. 

At École Sir William Osler, we believe that our students benefit when parents and teachers work as a team.  We are approachable and friendly and we look forward to working in a partnership with you and your child!

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