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Physical Education

September 14, 2023

Éducation physique/Physical Education 

Meet the teacher Mme Van Lieshout 2023.pdf

Mme Van Lieshout continues as our fun and energetic Physical Education teacher at École Sir William Osler!

Our students in Grades N - 6 visit the gym three times per cycle. In Physical Education class, all students will have the opportunity to participate in exciting games and activities while learning valuable new skills along the way. We believe that participation in Physical Activity is an essential component of a child's school experience. Students will learn important skills through a variety of fun, safe and exciting activities.

Basic Movement Skills

The emphasis is on skill acquisition of the basic movement skills with application to simple activities that are active and easy for children to understand. The knowledge component helps students understand what, why, and how to do the movements.

The students will demonstrate competency in selected movement skills, and knowledge of movement development and physical activities with respect to different types of learning experiences, environments, and cultures.

Fitness Management

Simple fitness concepts are introduced, with the focus on participation in physical activity.

The students will demonstrate the ability to develop and follow a personal fitness plan for lifelong physical activity and well-being.


The knowledge and skills for safe participation in physical activity are addressed in each grade as they apply to simple and low-risk physical activities. Students are expected to demonstrate safe practices in each physical activity

The students will demonstrate safe and responsible behaviours to manage risks and prevent injuries in physical activity participation and in daily living.

Personal and Social Management

Specific student learning outcomes have been developed to reflect the building of skills at intervals across the years for each personal and social management skill. The focus is on building a positive self-image while discovering its influence on self and others. 

The students will demonstrate the ability to develop self-understanding, to make health enhancing decisions, to work cooperatively and fairly with others, and to build positive relationships with others.

Healthy Lifestyle Practices
The knowledge component focuses on the introduction of concepts and information (i.e., best practices and potential dangers) for active, healthy living. Students will use process skills, such as decision-making/problem-solving and goal-setting/planning, in simple guided activities for personal planning related to the five strand areas.

The students will demonstrate the ability to make informed decisions for healthy living related to personal health practices, active living, healthy nutritional practices, substance use and abuse, and human sexuality.

Phys Ed course outline

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