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New Tyndall Park Mural

May 26, 2022
Tyndall Park Mural

The Mural

During the Pandemic we missed our friends, our teachers, recess and learning! Ms. Heather, the artist, asked if we could help make a mural. There are many steps to make a mural. First we talked to Ms. Heather on zoom and she asked each of us to make our own mural sketch. 

Next, Ms. Heather combined our ideas and sketches into one giant mural.

Then the painting started. We used different shades and colours. We also used different things like sandals, bubble wrap and brushes to create texture.

Finally, after all our hard work, Ms. Heather completed the mural and it is on display near the office for everyone in the school to enjoy looking at!

- Kaithlyn, Tyndall Park School Reporter 

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