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School Safety

December 21, 2022

Student Accident Insurance

Information regarding Voluntary Student Accident Insurance from Old Republic Insurance Company of Canada is now available. Those parents/guardians with an active email address will receive the information via School Messenger. Printed copies of the brochure are available through the school office. For more information visit: or by calling 1-800-463-5437.

Visiting the School

Please ring the doorbell located in bus loop vestibule if you need assistance or call the school. All students who are coming to school after 9:05am, should go to the bus loop door where an EA will be able to do a screening and allow them access to their classrooms. Please be aware, we have no available phone for student's usage, so any messages about lunch or after school need to be relayed to your child before they come to school. Lunches need to come with your child every morning as there is no available staff to come and collect them at the door during the noon hour and we do not have any food available at the school. 

We thank you for your cooperation in helping us keep our students safe!

Bus Loop/Parking Lot Safety

This year will we are asking parents/guardians to be extra careful when dropping off your child.  Please do not drop your child off in the bus loop or allow them to walk through the bus loop as it is very difficult to spot small children running in front of busses or walking behind them. Also, please do not drop your child off in the parking lot and allow them to run in amongst the cars. Have them use the sidewalks provided to ensure their safety. It is very difficult to see small children behind the vehicles or coming from between two parked cars. The south parking lot is paid parking and reserved for Tyndall Park staff. Do not pull in to the spots, even if it is for a couple of minutes, and whether there is a vehicle there or not, as some staff may leave for lunch, or will be returning from job related assignments/visits at other locations.  We ask that you walk your child to and from school using the designated crosswalks that are patrolled by our school patrols and adult crossing guards to ensure your child's safety and promote a healthy, physically active lifestyle. 

To support our divisional code of conduct and safety plans for the school, the receiving doors (the ones closest to the parking lot) will be locked. The bus loop doors at the front of the building facing King Edward Street, will remain accessible to all. 

Fire Drills/Evacuation/Lockdown/Hold & Secure

In order to ensure staff and students are informed about what procedures to follow in case of a real emergency, schools are required to perform fire drills, evacuation drills, Lockdown and Hold & Secure drills. Ten fire drills are to be performed each school year; one per month. A lockdown is a critical incident response that secures students and staff inside secured locations. Hold & Secures allow the students to move from freely from classroom to classroom but the outer doors are locked and no one is admitted inside or to exit unless known to the Emergency staff. An 'Evacuation' drill took place in late September, whereas the entire school evacuates to Garden Grove School. Due to the pandemic, students and staff did not go into the evacuation site, instead walked to it and back. Students are told ahead of time about each drill, except for the fire drills, which are done 10 times a school year, once per month.  We thank the students for their cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school.

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