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Education for Sustainable Development

March 5, 2024


Tyndall Park students are positively, charged up about our Battery Blitz contest participation. Throughout the month of February and March, we asked students to encourage families to clear out their junk drawers of all those old, dead batteries that pile up and bring them in to the school. The school's ESD Committee (Education for Sustainable Development) can win up to $3000.00 for ESD projects at the school. Some families brought in buckets and bags full of batteries! The batteries are being disposed of in Call2Recycle collection boxes that we have located around the school to be properly recycled. 



Tyndall Park School once again is continuing with its Crayola marker recycling program. If you have markers of any brand, that are no longer usable, please send them with your child to school where we will collect them and then ship them for recycling. It's a simple, easy way to help the planet!


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