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Lunch Program

April 6, 2022

Lunch Program 2021 2022




Dear Parents/Guardians:

In order to better prepare ourselves, the Lunch Program is asking all families with a

remaining balance still owing for the current school year to have all fees paid in full

by April 20, 2022. We need to know where we sit financially so we can move forward

with staffing and scheduling.

After serious consideration and meetings with other Lunch Program supervisors in our

surrounding area, it was decided that the Lunch Program fee for 2022-2023 school

year will be increasing to $260.00.

Student enrollment into the Lunch Program for 2022-2023 will only be accepted after

registration is completed and paid in full. Payment options are: e-transfer or cash,

one payment made in full for $260, or by cheque, one cheque written for full amount of

$260 or individual post-dated cheques for $26 dated the first of each month. Cheques

should be made payable to Tyndall Park Lunch Program. E-transfers will not be accepted

for the monthly payment option.

Families will have until Monday, June 20, 2022 to register your child/ren for the

next school year. After June 20, anyone registering for the Lunch Program will be

charged a $25.00 late fee.

Thank you for your timely response. The Lunch Program would love to have your

child/ren stay for lunch next school year.

Mrs. Sikora

Lunch Program Supervisor

The Tyndall Park Community School Lunch Program is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing our students with a safe, caring and respectful environment where parents/guardians may choose to have their children supervised over the lunch break. Only those students registered in the Lunch Program may stay at school for lunch.

Students will provide their own lunches and eating utensils and will eat in their classrooms.

Please be aware that foods or snacks containing peanut or nut products are not permitted in the school or on the playground as these products could have fatal results for children with this allergy.

Contact Number for Lunch Program:  204-421-0065

Hours of Operation:  12:00 pm to 12:55 pm

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