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March 25, 2021

The greatest success happens when schools, teachers, parents and students work together.

Winnipeg School Division recognizes that strong parent involvement creates stronger school communities and the best educational experience for children. As the parent or guardian, you can be involved in so many ways, such as helping your child with homework, communicating openly and often with your children's teachers, volunteering, joining parent council, fund raising, sharing your expertise and talents and more.

Please choose in the menu bar above Education Services for more information about our programs and Our Schools for a listing of division schools. If you are new to Canada additional support is also available through Community ResourcesServices and supports available to families and the community are listed below. 

Other important topics for parents and families:

  • Community Resources 
    • Find an apartment or day care close to school other as well as other services to support families in our communities. 

  • Concussions - learn about successful return-to-school for Canadian youth following a concussion.

  • Family Resources
    • Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate in the education of their children through individual discussions with the appropriate teacher(s) and/or principal, volunteering and/or through participation in the parent council.

  • My Child in School 
    • A Manitoba government website that explains what your child is learning in school, and how you can get involved.

  • My Learning At Home 
    • A Manitoba government website to improve understanding of Mathematics, Science and English Language Arts.

  • Safe Schools 
    A variety of programs are offered to ensure that our schools are safe and caring communities.

  • Safe Arrival and SchoolMessenger App
    learn more about the app being introduced in Winnipeg School Division schools to make absense notification quicker and easier for parents/guardians.

  • Students 
    Information and links to help you get the most out of your school year.

  • Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK)
    A network working to improve emergency care for children in Canada. TREKK has a suite of evidence-based resources designed to provide health information to parents and families to help them care for their sick children at home, and to aid them in understanding when to seek emergency department care.

  • Volunteer 
    Interested parents and members of the community are invited to work with staff to help students develop their skills and potential. Find out about what’s involved, how to qualify, register and volunteer opportunities.

WSD Code of Conduct

WSD Grade 8 Common Examinations Brochure

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