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Grants & Funding Proposal Information

April 26, 2021

The following information is a list of agencies which accept funding proposals from schools. Also included below is a document providing a step-by-step process on how to write a grant/funding proposal.


Children's Heritage Fund

The Children's Heritage Fund is a registered charity that gratefully accepts donations to help enhance the educational experiences of students who attend schools in the Winnipeg School Division.


A fully searchable online database of Foundation funding opportunities and resources for non-profits and charities.  
Winnipeg School Division staff requiring information are directed to the staff portal.


Grants at The Winnipeg Foundation support a wide range of local charitable organizations to make our city a better place to live, work and play.

6a9026af-f2a6-45d2-8e2f-1419e422d32d_MB%20Arts%20Council.pngThe Manitoba Arts Council is an arm’s-length agency of the provincial government dedicated to artistic excellence. They offer a broad range of grants and services to professional artists and arts organizations in all art forms. 
With a focus on artistic excellence and community impact, the Winnipeg Arts Council supports opportunities for the people of Winnipeg to engage with the arts as artists and as audiences.

Grant Writing - A Skill Worth Learning!

Not only is grant writing focused on research and planning, but it evolves through the cultivation of relationships. The foundations established through this highly detailed process can only be solidified through your ability to prove the value of your proposal through it's attachment to solid programs supported by your respective donors. The best way to accomplish your goal is to follow a step-by-step process. This proposal could, and likely will, take a considerable amount of time and persistence for it to succeed. Remember, this is an investment in the future. 

Building a network of foundation and corporate funders will enable you to retain regular supporters making possible the ability to balance the comings and goings of larger donors. 

This outline is simply a suggested approach to give you something to work from. Be flexible and don't be afraid to use your imagination, different approaches work for different situations. Grant writing is an art form as well as a science.

icpdf.pngGrant Writing - A Skill Worth Learning!

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