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February 8, 2021

Winnipeg School Division provides Math instruction based on the Manitoba Math Curriculum.

In Kindergarten to Grade 9, the curriculum is organized by grade and the four strands: Number, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space, and Statistics and Probability.  In Grades 10 – 12, students can choose one or more mathematics courses to study (Applied, Essential, or Pre-Calculus), each with its own topics.

Our goal is to create mathematical thinkers who:

  • communicate and reason mathematically
  • use mathematics confidently, accurately, and efficiently to solve problems
  • appreciate and value mathematics
  • make connections between mathematical knowledge and skills and their application
  • commit themselves to lifelong learning
  • become mathematically literate citizens, using mathematics to contribute to society and to think critically about the world

 (Manitoba Education (2013), Mathematics Manitoba Curriculum Framework of Outcomes, p. 5)

We use a variety of data sources and information to continuously improve classroom instruction, student learning, and program effectiveness. Students learn through seven interrelated mathematical processes that have been identified by Manitoba Education as critical components of mathematics programming:

  • communication
  • connections
  • mental mathematics and estimation
  • problem solving
  • reasoning
  • technology
  • visualization

More information and helpful resources are available on Manitoba Education's Mathematics website.


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