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Online Reference Materials

December 10, 2021

 In a library, "reference" may refer to a dictionary, an encyclopedia or other reference work/service, that contains many brief articles that cover a broad scope of knowledge in one book/topic, or a set of books/topics. Historically, the word reference is also used in a library to mean a book that cannot be taken from the room, or from the building. Many of the books in the reference department of a library are reference works, but some are books that are simply too large or valuable to loan out. Obviously due to their electronic nature, online references are not books, and as such cannot be 'checked out'. However they can be accessed anywhere, and at anytime using an Internet connection, and any Internet Browser capable devices; be that a desktop/laptop/tablet computer, a gaming console, or smartphone. Click here for a full list of subscription based reference materials available. (GBHS users only, password available in the GBHS Memorial Library).

Free Online Reference Materials

The Canadian EncyclopaediaDictionary of Canadian Biography riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the videos on the people, issues, and ideas changing the planet

IsumaTV video and online technologies to open a window on indigenous reality teacher videos, lesson plan videos, student video lessons, online teacher made

  • Books search the full text of books
  • Directory browse the web by topic
  • Finance business info, news, and interactive charts
  • Maps view maps and directions
  • News search thousands of news stories
  • Scholar search scholarly papers
  • Trends explore past and present search trends
  • Translate view web pages in other languages
Wikimedia Foundation
  • National Gallery National Gallery of Canada’s online resource 
  • The Louvre search or tour the over 30,000 works of art in the Louvre 
Canadian Studies
  • Visuwords a dictionary that visualizes the relationship of words
EALEnglish Literature
  • Historical Kid’s Lit Literature for Children is a collection of the treasures of children's literature published largely in the United States and Great Britain from before 1850 to beyond 1950.
First Nations
  • Métis History the Métis National Council Historical Online Database.

  • Manitobia Manitobia covers events and people in Manitoba history  
  • Our Roots Our Roots is an archive of Canadian local histories
Human Rights
  • HuriSearch The Human Rights search engine - search over 5000 human rights web sites

International Studies
  • UN Docs Official documents of the United Nations
Law & Government
  • Manitoban Law the online version of the laws of Manitoba. 
  • LEGISinfo LEGISinfo is a research tool for finding information on legislation currently before Parliament. 
Manitoba Studies
  • Manitoba Biographies A collection of biographical profiles of noteworthy Manitobans from the past, compiled by the Manitoba Historical Society.  
  • Manitoban Law the online version of the laws of Manitoba.
  • Manitobia Manitobia covers events and people in Manitoba history 
  • MathWorld a mathematical resource from Wolfram


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