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WSD Language Programs Q and A

March 25, 2021

Which bilingual/immersion language programs are offered in the Winnipeg School Division?

A The Winnipeg School Division offers different language programs – the French Immersion program, one of the official programs in Manitoba, as well as Bilingual Programming Schools in Ukrainian and Hebrew and the three new language programs of Spanish, Cree and Ojibwe.

Q Which Winnipeg School Division schools offer the French Immersion and other bilingual/immersion programs?

A The Winnipeg School Division offers language programs at the following locations and grade levels:

French Immersion dual track:

École Garden Grove School
Kindergarten to Grade 6

École George V School
Kindergarten to Grade 8

École J.B. Mitchell School
Kindergarten to Grade 6

École secondaire Kelvin High School
Grade 9 to 12

École Laura Secord School
Kindergarten to Grade 6

École Luxton School (new)
Kindergarten only

École River Heights School
Grade 7 and 8

École Riverview School
Kindergarten to Grade 6

École Robert H. Smith School
Kindergarten to Grade 6

École secondaire Sisler High School
Grade 9 to 12

École Stanley Knowles School
Kindergarten to Grade 8

École Victoria-Albert School
Kindergarten to Grade 4 (2016-17)

French Milieu:

École Lansdowne
Nursery to Grade 8

École LaVérendrye 
Nursery to Grade 6

École Sacré-Coeur
Nursery to Grade 8

École Sir William Osler 
Nursery to Grade 2

College Churchill
Grade 7 to 12

Hebrew Bilingual:

Brock Corydon School
Nursery to Grade 6

Ukrainian Bilingual:

Ralph Brown School
Kindergarten to Grade 8

Spanish Bilingual: 

Earl Grey School (new)
Kindergarten only (2016-17)

Cree Bilingual: 

Isaac Brock School (new)
Kindergarten only (2016-17)

Ojibwe Bilingual: 

Isaac Brock School (new)
Kindergarten only (2016-17)

Q When will the new programs start?

A The additional French Immersion dual track (Luxton School), Spanish (Earl Grey School), Cree and Ojibwe (Isaac Brock School) language programs will begin in September 2016 and are open to all Winnipeg School Division students for registration in kindergarten who will be turning five at the end of 2016.


Is there transportation available for students?

A Transportation will be provided for students living more than 1.6 kilometers from the school where they are enrolled in a language program.


Q Will my child need to have language skills before entering the program if they start in a later grade?

A In Early French Immersion and in the Hebrew, Spanish, Cree, Ojibwe and Ukrainian bilingual programs, the entry points are Kindergarten and Grade 1 There is also a Grade 7 entry point in the French Immersion Program.

Occasionally, in special circumstances, students are permitted to join a program at a higher grade level, but these students need to show that they have sufficient language skill to be successful in the program and to permit the program to function at an advanced level of language proficiency.


Q How much of the school day will be taught using the bilingual/immersion language?

A Manitoba's Public School Act allows languages other than English or French to be used as a language of instruction for up to 50% of the school day in the Bilingual Programming Schools. In the French Immersion program, all subjects, other than English Language Arts are taught in French.


Q What is the process to register my child for one of the new language programs?

A In order to register for the newly added language programs at Luxton, Isaac Brock and Earl Grey, parents must register in person at the designated school on or before January 29, 2016. At the time of registration, you are required to provide the following documents:

  • Manitoba Medical card listing the child and parent(s) name or other medical card listing the child and parent(s) name from another province.
  • A copy of your property tax bill or rental/ lease agreement or an accepted "offer to purchase" document with the possession date shown.
  • Your child's birth certificate or a Canadian Passport or Treaty Card.
  • Legal guardians are required to provide a Court of Queen's Bench document signed by a judge.
  • Non-citizens are required to provide one of the following:
    • Landed Immigrant (permanent residence) documents
    • Work Visa
    • Study Visa
    • Refugee Status

Note: if you have none of the above but have made application for permanent residency, you are considered a visitor and therefore must pay and have health medical coverage.

Q Can out of division students attend?

A For established language programs (French Immersion, Hebrew, and Ukrainian) students from other school divisions may attend through Manitoba's Schools of Choice initiative, which allows students to apply for admission to any public school in the province. For more information visit Schools of Choice at

For the new language options (Spanish, Cree and Ojibwe) a minimum of 20 Kindergarten students from within Winnipeg School Division must be registered to establish each language program. Once that registration number is reached, the division may open the program to schools of choice.

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