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Room 7 ~ Grade 2

January 27, 2023

           Welcome to Room 7

During the month of January, students in Room 7 have been amazing me with all that they know! 

Reader’s Workshop 

Students have been learning to use the correct “voice” when reading their independent texts. They need to decide - should I read this book in a sad voice? An excited voice? What does the book tell me about how to read it? 

Writer’s Workshop 

After winter break, we have continued writing different types of non-fiction books. Some are writing everything they know about a particular topic (ice cream is a favourite, currently) while others are teaching using “How To” books. I have learned many things from the students, for example, how to make a cake and how to play banana tag! 


In math this past month, we have been learning about and reviewing place value! Room 7 are experts in breaking apart their numbers into tens and ones. Some have advanced through Dreambox to breaking  numbers apart up to 1000! We definitely love to do math! 


Our focus for science this month has been position and motion. We have used different forms of media to learn about friction, pushes, pulls and other forces. Keep your eyes out on Seesaw for our video showing what we have learned! Our bulletin board will also be displaying some treasure maps that have directions to the position of the treasure!  


Please send a REUSABLE water bottle for daily use. A lot of learning time disappears when students are continually getting drinks from the water fountain and being hydrated is important for learning! 

Please be sure to send adequate winter gear to school daily as we go out for recess and play 3 times daily. We may also go for winter walks during other times of the day.  

With flu and cold season upon us, please be sure to let me know via Seesaw if your child will be away for more than two days due to illness. This allows me to plan accordingly if there are many absences due to illness, as well as combat any germs that may be floating around. Thanks so much! 




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