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Room 1 ~ Nursery / Kindergarten

January 27, 2023

Welcome to Room 1


This month we did a book study on the book “Snowmen at Night”. First, we brainstormed what we thought snowmen did at night. Then, we read the book, and took notes on what they actually do.  Next, we painted snowmen, at night.  Lastly we wrote about what we would do if we were a snowman, and displayed our writing on the bulletin board outside our classroom.  

Our Dramatic play station this month is a Pizza restaurant.  In addition to collecting costumes, and food for the restaurant, students wrote a menu, and mad instructional books on “how to make a pizza.

We have some new stations in our classroom that we added this month.  We have a light table to help us  solidify our math thinking, a sand table, and two art easels that have become a class favourite.  



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