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PBIS and Gotcha News

May 31, 2024

Our 3 B's

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Cooperative

Each month we focus on a skill.

When staff see students at Lord Selkirk School practicing the skill of the month, they can receive a "Gotcha Ticket"!

Keep up to date on which skill is our focus for the month on this page.

Skill for the month of June is :Being a Good Sport".

1) Decide how you and the other person played the game.

2) Think of what you can honestly tell the other person:

  1. "Congratulations"
  2. "You played a good game."
  3. "You're getting a lot better at this game."

3) Act out your best choice.

4) Help the other person put equipment or materials away.

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