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Room 34 ~ Grade 4

January 27, 2023

Welcome to Room 34!

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Welcome to February, Room 34 families!

Here are some learning highlights from January.

Reader's Workshop and Writer’s Workshop:

Reading groups are up and running! We have been reading together in groups working comprehension strategies like stopping and asking ourselves questions and covering a section of text in order to remember and retell. We are also learning about non-fiction text features like table of contents, glossaries, interesting facts and bolded words. We spent time gathering information for writing our non-fiction     pieces this month. This month we worked on free writing in order to generate topics for essay information. We brainstormed people, places and objects that mean     something to use and wrote as much as possible. Based on topics that came up when free writing, we narrowed down potential essay ideas. Our next steps are to come up with clear thesis and arguments.


Room 34 has been busy practicing multiplication and division strategies. We want to make sure we remember our math facts but also know how to get there. Some strategies we’ve been using are skip counting, using known facts, creating arrays, repeated addition and using the commutative property. 

Science/Social Studies/Roots and Shoots/Reminders:

We’ve been doing a deep dive into learning about Canadian Territories and learning about Inuit culture. We investigated Inuit artifacts and tried to infer what they are used for. Did you know that sleds, parkas and kayaks were all invented by the Inuit? We also learned about Inuit art techniques like printmaking and carving, and created prints by etching designs onto styrofoam rounds. 

We will be going swimming at Elmwood-Kildonan Pool this month as part of The City of Winnipeg Swimming counts on the afternoons of Feb. 7, Feb. 14 and Feb. 21. 

If your child needs swimwear or if you have any concerns, feel free to contact me at Have a wonderful February! 









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