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Clinical Support Services(CSS)

July 25, 2022

Clinical Support Services(CSS) offers specialized services to schools in Winnipeg School Division. 

At Lord Selkirk School, CSS and school staff work together in order to best help children with educational needs.  

The CSS provides us with:

  • A Reading Clinician: is a resource for teachers and parents of children who have difficulty with literacy development. Diagnostic assessment and instruction, consulting and in-servicing are provided.
  • A Speech Language Pathologist: works with teachers, families and students who have speech, language, hearing, stuttering and voice problems. Assessments, consultation and collaboration with teachers, home programs for parents as well as direct therapy are provided.
  • A Social Worker: works together with the school staff, the family home and the child when there is a need for closer ties between home and school.
  • A School Psychologist: is able to assist classroom teachers in diagnosing and planning for the academic and social emotional need of the child.
  • The school staff, when they feel that additional resources are required, ask parents for permission to involve the clinic personnel so that better programming for the child can occur.

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