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Physical Education

October 31, 2023

Emphasis is on interpersonal relationship skills, fair play, a combination of cooperation and competition and skill development.

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In Phys Ed class, students quickly learned all of the different themes for daily warm ups. Primary classes are currently completing a unit in gymnastics. Students have had the opportunity to learn different movements, jumps, and rolls from skipping and galloping all the way to a barrel roll and the classic forward roll. Be sure to ask your learner which gymnastics move was their favorite. 

Intermediate classes are in the midst of their Triple Ball unit. Students are learning and practicing fundamental skills such as bumping, volleying and serving. As students continue to refine their skills we'll look to try and implement them in game play scenarios. 

On November 22nd Lord Selkirk will be hosting a divisional Triple Ball tournament with other schools visiting. Students in grades 5-6 will have the opportunity to attend lunchtime practices in order to participate. Permission forms will be available next week.  

The end of Fall Run Club celebration will take place in November. Stay tuned for the start of Spring Run Club.


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