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July 22, 2022

On Monday, September 25, we switched to an automated Call Back system called SafeArrival. By now, you have likely used it, or have had contact from the system regarding your child's absences. 

Here's a summary of how it works:

  • * Rather than phoning the school office, parents/guardians should notify the SafeArrival system of their child's absence in one of three ways:
  • * By calling an automated interactive telephone system via a toll free number 1-855-278-4513
  • *Via website
  • * Or by using the SafeArrival app on your iOS or Android device 

After classroom attendance is taken at 9:00 am, the SafeArrival system will begin contacting the parents/guardians (by automated telephone call and/or email) of any student who is marked absent who has not already been reported absent by their parents/guardians. 

If the SafeArrival system is unable to reach parents/guardians or designated contacts after 20 minutes, the school office staff will follow up with a phone call.  

The SafeArrival system uses the contact information of parents/guardians that has been provided to the school.  If you have changed your telephone number or email address recently, or are not receiving notification calls, please follow up with the school office to ensure that we have the most current information on file. 


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