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Room 2 ~ Kindergarten

January 27, 2023

Hello Room 2 Families and Welcome to January!

It’s an exciting time to be in Nursery and Kindergarten at the start of 2023! Our daily routines are well established and students are growing as learners.  Writers workshop is rolling along quite well now.  Students have begun to see themselves as writers that can convey what they know with pictures and words.  We are using what we know about letter sounds to stretch out and record the sounds we hear on paper.  It has been a pleasure to encourage this group to find their voice and feel successful with these early writing attempts.

We have also just begun an investigation into rhyming.  A student’s ability to both identify and produce rhyming words has been shown to support both reading and writing success down the road.  For now, we are reading rhyming books, playing rhyming games and singing songs with rhymes to support this growth.  Many students are already able to hear these rhymes- Way to go Room 2!

In Math we have been focusing on rote counting and making groups of a given number (usually to 10).  The next focus will be to see that bigger numbers are made up of smaller numbers and to practice breaking them up and reassembling them. Experiences grouping and regrouping a set of objects will help students with addition and subtraction problems in the older grades.

Thank you to all families that have been sending your child with appropriate winter clothes.  We have been practicing independent dressing and undressing skills daily and have shown much improvement.  If you every have any questions or concerns about your child please don’t hesitate to discuss them with me. I am always available at drop off or pick up time or by email




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