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Parent Council

January 27, 2023

We are THRILLED with the New SWINGS at Lord Selkirk School! A huge thank you to the Community Incentive Grant, The City of Winnipeg, Jason Schreyer, Arlene Reid, The Winnipeg School Division, Children's Heritage and our Parent Council and Lord Selkirk Families for making this dream a reality!

You can contact our CSW (Community Support Worker), Mandi Jacobson ( or parent council to get the link and information for our next meeting. 

We look forward to meeting more parents and families of LSK. 

Welcome from your Parent Council for the 2022-23 school year.  

Parent Council 

Being a member of the Parent Council provides us with the opportunity to have a positive influence on our child's school experience. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe!!

Parent Council looks forward to this year and working with the LSS staff and community! We are always looking for more parents/caregivers to join our virtual meetings. It is a great way to get updates on Lunch Program, brainstorm ideas for fundraising and general information. There is no  commitment and everyone is welcome to join! Parent Council tries hold meetings on a monthly basis. 

Please, if you have any questions, comments or concerns- please voice them, we want to hear them!

You can reach us on our school page or at!  

We are always looking for new members! 

Please take a look below for further information.


ls2015 001.jpg 

Our purpose? What do we do?

In partnership with the school, our role is to support the community by creating opportunities for parents and guardians to connect and help strengthen the education of our children by providing information, feedback and resources.

We are made up of parents, school staff and others who are committed to the idea that children benefit most from their school experience when families and schools work together in a positive partnership.

Some of our roles include:

  • Ongoing communication with school administration and staff
  • Fundraising activities that support school initiatives 
  • Oversee the Lunch Program
  • Supporting Family Room activities
  • Support of the "Babysitting Course" for Grade 6 students
  • Keeping parents informed of school division policies and decisions that affect their children
  • Offering community opinion on proposed policies through school meetings and through the Divisional Advisory Committee
  • Contributing to various school activities
  • Organizing special celebrations

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