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Room 7 ~ Grades 1 & 2

February 1, 2024

           Welcome to Room 7

Grades 1 - 6 2023 School Supply List.pdf

I hope you are staying warm in this chilly weather. This month, I would like to begin by thanking you for your continued support and cooperation in sending healthy snacks for snack time. Healthy snacks are important for providing energy and nutrients for learning and growth. Some examples of healthy snacks are fruits, vegetables, cheese, yogurt, crackers, and granola bars. Please avoid sending snacks that are high in sugar, salt, or fat, such as candy, chips, chocolate, or soda. These snacks can affect the students’ mood, concentration, and behavior in a negative way. Exceptions will of course be made when celebrating a birthday or during a party (i.e., Valentines Day, Halloween, etc.) 

I am happy to report that Room 7 continues to progress in their reading and writing skills. They are showing more confidence and fluency in reading different types of texts, such as fiction, non-fiction. They are also demonstrating more creativity and clarity in writing in their new genre - Informational writing. I encourage you to keep reading with your children at home and ask them questions about what they read to enhance their   comprehension and critical thinking. We will be working on patterning and algebra in math for the next few weeks. Patterning and algebra are important skills for developing logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities. We will be exploring repeating patterns in grade one. You can help your children practice these skills at home by finding and creating patterns in everyday  objects, such as clothing, toys or colours. We have begun a new part of our Health curriculum using a resource called Sources of Strength. Ms. Almeida will be (or may have already sent) sending home information on this. The children in room 7 have enjoyed the lessons done on community building thus far. One last reminder: Please be sure to send warm layers of clothing for recess, such as hats, gloves, scarves, and boots. The weather can change quickly, and we want to make sure your children are          comfortable and safe when they play outside. Please also remember to send home reading bags/folders back each Friday so we can update the books and materials for the following week. Thank you for your attention and cooperation. I appreciate your involvement and feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime. 









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