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Room 4 ~ Grade 1 & 2

January 27, 2023

Welcome to Room 4

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We have finished our non fiction writing and reading unit.  Students have written a non-fiction. teaching  chapter book based on a topic they are experts on.  Students are excited to share their writing on Seesaw.  Feel free to comment on their Seesaw posts, they love reading your comments.  We have started our word work small groups with Ms. O.  We are working very hard on learning all the letter sounds, manipulating sounds and practicing reading books that are just right.  We will begin our new writing unit on opinion  writing and writing down reasons to back up our opinion. Stay tuned… 

The mathematicians in room 4 have been doing great work improving their addition and subtraction skills! We have been working on representing numbers using Digi-blocks, as well as adding and subtracting numbers to 20 using Digi-blocks and rekenreks. Students have also been working hard on Dreambox lessons at school and outside of school as well. Keep up the great work to keep practicing the skills we’re working on in class!

We’ve also been having great discussions in science about where our water comes from, what can pollute our water and how to reduce and prevent this in the future! We have also been having lots of fun learning fun facts about different animals and insects each day.  In social studies, we will be identifying common features of Canadian communities, such as transportation, schools, parks and comparing our community features to others in Canada.  

A reminder to send your child dressed appropriately for our winter weather.  They need mittens, hats, scarves and ski pants, we have some hats and mittens should you need some, please let us know.  Students will stay indoors for recess when it is -28 degrees or colder.  Sending an extra pair of socks would be great as well.  


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