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Room 8 ~ Grade 2 & 3

December 4, 2023

Welcome to Room 8

Grades 1 - 6 2023 School Supply List.pdf


Wow! It is already December! I hope everyone enjoys all their celebrations. In The Great Room 8, we have been working on saying good morning to one another in different ways, shaking hands, high fives, hugs, or fist bumps. We have also been expressing our gratitude on Thankful Thursdays, where we share about the things in our life that we are grateful for, family is the number one thing. We have also been practicing “doing the right thing”, in times where we are distracted or dysregulated, it is still important for everyone to do the right thing’. 

Please ask your child to share moments of success with you. In math, we have been working on solving unknown variables (Halloween themed at one point) and creating our own spicy math questions. We are also practicing representing numbers to 100 in various ways using manipulatives, drawings, and symbolically. Room 8 has been solving 3 step equations with single digit numbers and explaining their reasoning and process for getting their answers. We are very excited to move into more challenging concepts. During our Reader’s Workshop, we are practicing choosing ’just right’ books for our book bags and reading them independently, then with a classmate. We will be starting reading groups soon, stay tuned for more details. In Writer’s Workshop, we have been dabbling in a few different genres of writing. First, we wrote about something that we know a lot about, next we did spooky/Halloween themed short stories, then we wrote about the things in our life that bring us the most peace, and finally, for Diwali we wrote about situations where light (good) overcomes darkness (evil). Please connect to our Seesaw Class so you can receive updates and students can share their learning. Please ensure that students bring a change of clothes in their backpacks in preparation for inclement weather. Stay healthy and safe!  


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