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Room 15 ~ Grade 2

January 27, 2023

Welcome to Room 15

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We have had a busy month of January and are looking forward to an exciting month of February as well! In February we will be celebrating I Love to Read. The month of January has brought us milder winter weather and the students have been enjoying recess outdoors playing in the snow. Please ensure your child is dressed properly for the winter weather.

In word study we continue to work on long vowel sounds and have been practicing these skills in our daily spelling activities. We have been focusing on several reading strategies during “Read to Self” and small group reading (Comprehension, Fluency, and looking for small parts we know in a word) to help us strengthen our reading skills. We have been working on writing informational stories in Writer’s Workshop. We are learning the difference between facts and opinions and how to make a table of contents when writing informational pieces.

In math we are working on developing our understanding of place value and number skills with numbers to 100. The students have been building numbers with math materials and recording their findings with drawings and numbers. We continue to practice our counting skills and we have been skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s backward from 100.  

In social studies we have started to learn about other communities in Manitoba and comparing differences and similarities in our own community. In science we continue to study the different animal groups and learning about different animal life cycles. 


Please continue to support your child with our home reading program. This will help with reading fluency and help them to develop                              confidence as a reader. 




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