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Room 15 ~ Grade 2

December 4, 2023

Welcome to Room 15

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Dear Families of Room 15,

Winter is upon us, and the busy month of December has arrived. This month we focused on how we can help to create Peace in our classroom, home, and in our school community. We talked about actions and words that help contribute to peace. The students discussed ways to solve conflicts that may arise and the importance of active listening, showing empathy and using kind words when trying to find a solution. Unless it is very cold, we are outside for recess each day so please ensure your child comes to school dressed for the weather. The students are excited to perform in our winter concert. Please mark your calendar for December the 20th, more information to follow. 

This month we continued to build our writing and literacy skills. In word study this month, we continued working on short vowel sounds and started to build and read words using our knowledge of “Word Families”. The students have started using this knowledge in daily word work activities. During Read Aloud students have been practicing how to make predictions about what will happen in a book before and during the story. This invites them to have conversation about the story and the illustrations and helps build their vocabulary and comprehension. In writing, we finished our Small Moment stories and will be starting our unit on informational writing. We will start to focus on what a good informational piece of writing should include. In math we continue to practice our counting skills. The students skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s, and count by 1’s forward/backward beginning at any number. We have been exploring making different patterns using objects, movement and pictures. We started looking at 3D shapes and using mathematical language to explain our thinking and our learning. In science, the students continue to study growth and changes in animals and how all living things have certain needs to grow and develop. In social studies, Remembrance Day was a time to reflect about peace, and we reflected on how we can work together to live peacefully in our community. Your child’s progress report and student lead conference is a time to celebrate their accomplishments. 




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