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Room 15 ~ Grades 1 & 2

April 2, 2024

Welcome to Room 15

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March has been a busy month in room 15. March was filled with learning as the students discovered facts about St. Patrick’s Day and ways it is celebrated in different parts of the world. I hope you enjoyed viewing your child’s learning portfolio during our Student –Led conference. They have worked hard this past term and there is a lot of learning to celebrate. It was nice to connect with families to share the progress the students have made and to communicate the goals we will be working on next term. As discussed, please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions or concerns. I appreciate all of your  support and look forward to a productive last few months of school. As the third term of our school year begins, we reflect upon all that has been GOOD- the friendships established among the students and the academic and social skills growth that have developed - just to name a few.

In Reading we have been exploring non-fiction books and focusing on the main idea and problems that arise in a story. We have been discussing characters and setting in a story to better help us understand the text. We have been practicing thinking actively before, during and after reading to make sure we have a good understanding of what we read. In Writing we finished our realistic fiction and factual Animal stories. The students enjoyed sharing their stories with their classmates. In Math we continue to work on solving problems up to 20 using addition and subtraction through Number Talks and we are discovering there is more than one way to solve a math problem. We have started to explore number patterns to 100 and have been practicing our skip counting skills (2,5,10’s) when counting backwards from 100 to 0. In Social Studies we have continued to look at communities in other parts of Canada. In Science, we have been studying matter and how solids,  liquids and gases are all around us. Since spring has arrived the weather is getting warmer, and the snow is melting. Our playground is getting very wet and please ensure that your child is wearing proper footwear for puddle season to school. 





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