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Room 33 ~ Grade 5 & 6

December 4, 2023

Welcome to Room 33

Grades 1 - 6 2023 School Supply List.pdf

Hello Grade 5 and 6 Families 

As we embrace the festive season, Room 33 is looking forward to upcoming events and exciting happenings in our classroom for this month. December will be filled with lots of learning and joy. In math, we will work towards mastering the art of solving mathematical expressions by following the order of operations to solve multi-step problems. In our nonfiction book clubs, students are sharpening their reading skills and enhancing their comprehension and critical thinking abilities. Through collaborative conversations, they share insights, ask questions and develop a deeper understanding of the fascinating topics within their chosen books.           

In Writer’s Workshop, students are honing their skills in note-taking, delving into rich mentor texts, and weaving together their findings to create an information text or presentation (e.g., PowerPoint). In social   studies, we are continuing to learn about Treaty education topics that explore the First Nations in Manitoba and their Treaty making experience with the Crown (Canada). We will learn that this led to the establishment of the province of Manitoba and contributed to the development of Canada. In art workshop, students are exploring the unique styles of Canadian Group of Seven artists, drawing inspiration from their masterpieces. Students are discovering the beauty of Canadian landscapes and experimenting with different artistic techniques. Our classroom is bussing with creativity and deep appreciation for Canadian art history.


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