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Room 33 ~ Grade 5 & 6

April 2, 2024

Welcome to Room 33

Grades 1 - 6 2023 School Supply List.pdf

Dear grade 5/6 students and families, I hope you all had a fantastic Spring Break and welcome back to the final stretch of the school year.

In math, before spring break we were exploring the order of operations. Now with our understanding of simplifying expressions, we are going to use that knowledge to help us to solve and understand algebra. We will be working with multiple operations, variables and constants.

For our informational writing unit, students will research and create an informational writing piece, poster or presentation on a topic of interest to teach others about. 

In reader’s workshop, students are engaging with informational and mentor texts to support their writing process. Students will continue having daily reading opportunities in guided reading groups, differentiated by their instructional needs, partner reading and independent reading.

In science, we will be starting our electricity unit. Room 33 will learn to identify the importance of electricity in everyday life and understand the need for safe practices when using electricity. Students will construct a prototype that performs a specific function.

In social studies we will be learning about topics in Canadian history between the time of 1867 to present. We will examine Canada’s evolution as a nation by exploring key themes and topics, including political, social, economic and cultural changes.




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