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Room 36 ~ Grade 3 & 4

April 30, 2024

 Welcome to Room 36 

Grades 1 - 6 2023 School Supply List.pdf

Room 36 is learning about different types of poetry. We read the poem "I am the Earth" and created our own versions by focusing on the personification of the Earth. We imagined how the Earth might feel and what it may say if it could speak. We will continue to explore other types of poetry and will be embarking on a haiku hike soon.

We are practicing our comprehension skills individually and as a whole group as we continue to make our way through the novel "The Barren Grounds" by David A. Robertson. We are also learning how to pull important information from various sources to support research.

This month we have been working on lots of math vocabulary and building our knowledge of how to solve three-digit addition and subtraction problems. We are continuing to explore fractions and have recently began to add and subtract fractions with similar denominators. We continue to challenge ourselves daily through thinking math tasks and games. Ask your child about the game "Kaboom". It is a fun math game that boost multiplication fluency and it is easy to create if you have some popsicle sticks lying around your house.

We are immersed in the fascinating world of structures. Through hands-on STEAM activities we are discovering the principal of stability and strength. These activities also help us learn how to collaborate as a group, apply ideas to a task, and problem solve solutions.

We are uncovering the wonders of ancient civilizations. In partners we chose one civilization to explore; Egypt, China, or Greece. We are using research skills to build up our understanding of what life was like long ago and then we will apply this information to today's world to see the similarities and/or differences.

Please remind your child to keep all toys and beauty products at home as they can be a distraction in the classroom.







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