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Room 35 ~ Grade 3 & 4

January 27, 2023

Welcome to Room 35

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Hi Room 35 families! We are back into the swing of things in room 35. Our learning journey picked up right where we left off.

Readers Workshop:

During our readers workshop time students are working in targeted groups to solidify different skills to  become more proficient readers. The kids are working on fluency, decoding, comprehension, and spelling in small groups. We would like to welcome Mrs. Tien who joins our class from 10-11 a.m. every day.

Writers Workshop:  

The writers in room 35 are about to embark on a brand new writing journey. We are going to be leaning all about Dreams! Students will be writing stories based off of real and fictional dreams.


The mathematicians in room 35 are doing so well with their study of multiplication and division. It is so cool to see the little light bulbs go off in their heads when they begin to see the two operations as "inverse."

Social Studies:

In Social Studies, we are getting ready to go on a fictional trip around the world! This is my absolute favourite unit to teach in grade 3 and 4 Social Studies. We will learn all about different cultures and begin to research about how people live all over the world.


In Science, students are continuing to plan for their Minecraft habitats. We are brainstorming a way to make sure that every habitat can be included in one Minecraft map. The students are really teaching me so much about a program that they are so passionate about.

During the month of February I am excited to share that the grade 4 students will get to participate in the Swimming Counts program! Please keep your eyes on Seesaw for more information!



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