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Room 35 ~ Grade 3

February 1, 2024

Welcome to Room 35

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Hi Room 35 families! I hope that you and your family stayed warm during this chilly spell of weather. Readers Workshop: We have started a new read aloud for this month called Make Way for Dymonde Daniel. When students are listening to the story, they are beginning to make connections between our new read aloud and our old read aloud. For word work, we have moved away from learning about long vowels and are now learning about how the silent e at the end of a word can change some consonant sounds. For  example, _ce sounds like /s/ and _ge sounds like /j/. 

Writers Workshop: We are starting a brand-new story telling unit about dreams. Student are going to learn about why we dream, what dreams can mean, and write their very own dream stories. 

Math: We are exploring multiplication and division strategies. It is always a fun unit to being in grade 3. The students get so excited to begin doing math that the "big kids" learn. We will be starting by using manipulatives to represent equal groups and repeated addition. The expectation is in grade 3 is that students can solve problems up to 5x5. 

Social Studies: We are currently learning how to read and create maps. Students were asked to pretend that they could float on top of their ceiling and draw a map of their bedrooms. They had to make sure they had a key/legend, so we knew what kind of fun stuff they had in their rooms. Roots + Shoots: As a class we chose our project. We are going to learn about a charity called K9 Advocated Manitoba which supports with the overpopulation of dogs in northern Manitoban communities. We applied for a grant in November that would help us go on some field trips to learn about adopting dogs.  





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