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Room 40 ~ Grade 4

December 4, 2023

Welcome to Room 40

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November was certainly a busy month of learning in Room 40. We started the month with writing persuasive passages about our favourite Halloween treats. Students had many convincing arguments for why their treats were the best. We also completed our read aloud by Andrew Clements about the story of Nick Allen, a fifth grader who stands up against the tyranny of language by asking what’s in a name. The title of the book refers to his new word for “pen”, and his anti-authority stance grows into a movement. It was a real page turner. Place value, place value, and more place value. That is what we have been reviewing for the past month.  

Students have been looking at large numbers and trying to identify the ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and even millions. In addition (math pun intended!), we continue to work on our facts and strengthen that mathematical foundation that will be so crucial with more advanced thinking. Lots of great learning has been taking place. In Social Studies we learned and observed Remembrance Day.  In Science we have been learning about different habitats and are making plasticine scenes about them. Students researched facts and created different scenes about their chosen ecosystem. As the weather is getting colder, please make sure your child is prepared in the morning with appropriate clothing for the day. School fees for the year are $40.  Thank you for sending this to school with your children.  If you still have not, please send the money in an envelope or zip lock bag with your child’s name on it.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email or contact the school.

Important Dates

December 1 - Student Led Conferences in PM

December 19 - Gr.3-6 Winter Concert (Room 40's Winter Concert)

December 20 - N-Gr.2 Winter Concert

December 22 - Last day of classes before Winter Break















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