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Room 30 ~ Grade 6

January 27, 2023

Welcome to Room 30

Hello Families!

The students of room 30 have been working hard this month! We did a one week essay writing boot camp. Students wrote down their opinion, supported their opinion by reasons and evidence, and transformed it into an essay. This was a helpful process to set the stage for writing argument essays. Students have selected an area of interest for reading workshop. They will use a text-set or a list containing articles, books, and videos to gather information on each side of a debate. In writing workshop, students are exploring the topic of video games, and whether or not, they are harmful, helpful, or both. We have had some great conversations around a Ted Talk we watched as well as several articles we read about the pros and cons of video games. 

In math, we have been representing, comparing, and creating fractions using manipulatives. Students are making connections of how fractions, decimals and percent’s are related. One fun activity we did in class was figuring out fraction codes. For example, if you take the first half of here, the second half of well, and the first quarter of a oboe, you get hello! Ask you child about the fraction code they came up with.

For Roots and Shoots, we are in the process of planning the action that needs to take place for our art show, and the ways that we can support K9 Advocates. We will be writing a letter to include in the April Newsletter asking for donations of cat and dog food, old towels and kennels. 

Thank you for your support in your child’s learning.



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